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Base.vn is a B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Company providing technology management solutions for SMEs enterprises. 

Base will bring to your business the smartest, most modern technology products, based on three main components: Data & Artificial Intelligence (Data & AI), Interaction (Interaction), and Platform platform (Open Platform). And imagination knows no bounds: With whatever application you have or need, Base can help you integrate into a common platform. With a strong belief in young Vietnamese engineers, we are looking for talented Software Engineer for the Platform Team to pursue Base’s mission together: Build great enterprise software for Asia.


From the beginning, you will be guided by Senior Engineer or Team Lead to:

  • Understand the products we‘re passionately building and know what to improve yourself to build them better in the future
  • Understand and respect all the working principles
  • Efficiently work with all the materials
  • Get your very first products - “Starter Project" done, reviewed, and improved 

Then, you will join a full-cycle build up apps/features in our platform:

  • Analyze product & Planning
  • Design Database
  • Develop & Test
  • Demo & Launch
  • Maintain & Update new features


We‘re looking for talented Fresher Engineers to join our team with below traits:

  • Final-year student or graduates with major in IT and related fields (≤ 2 years of work experience)
  • Good background knowledge in Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Strong knowledge or experience in using any programming language (prefer PHP/Javascript)
  • Passion for coding and desire to build valuable products
  • Logical thinking and good problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to learn and address big challenges


Special Benefits:

  • Attractive salary package up to 1200$ plus bonus based on performance
  • Flexible evaluation of salary increase (4 times/year) commensurate with work results
  • Opportunity to receive ESOP shares (employee stock ownership plan) for outstanding contributors
  • High performance computer and screen
  • Team building, vacation at least 2 times/year, and other engagement activities
  • Other benefits as prescribed by the Labor Law

Personal Development:

  • Fast-track career: Join a full cycle of building real products for Asia market and continuously grow with the scalability of products.
  • Unlimited learning opportunities: Enhance your expertise through a comprehensive training program, guidelines from mentors, buddies, and product development challenges.
  • Visible values & impacts: Build world-class and high-performance products that solve pain points for millions of enterprises.
  • Talented colleagues: Work with a team of enthusiastic and professional Product Builders who have already built a highly large-scale system serving 60+ millions of pageviews, hundreds of thousands users each month, and 7000+ enterprises; and graduated from top universities in Vietnam & the world (Stanford, UCLA, HUST, etc.).


  • Round 1: CV Application & Online Test (Algorithms & Data Structures, Programming Language)
  • Round 2: Interview

Address Office: 3rd floor, Autumn Building, Gold Season, 47 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi


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Thu nhập: Thương lượng

Địa điểm: Trụ sở - Hà Nội

Phòng ban: Product Department

Thời gian ứng tuyển: 29/03 — 30/04/2024